My Professional Side

I will be attending school this fall for Occupational Health and Safety as I make the transition to full-time work with On the Move Safety.

Working as a freelancer since 2004, I will continue to offer graphic design, writing and photography services. Free time is spent reading, going to school, staying active, working on my own graphic art projects, writing stories, and taking wildlife and landscape photographs.

My creative side

Whether it is a particular colour, shade, or texture, or the way the sunlight reflects off an object, it all inspires my imagination. Perhaps it’s the feeling I get when admiring the water droplets on the window at sunset after a rainy day. Maybe it’s the contrast of the glass of smooth, golden tea against the rough, but warm and worn surface of an old wooden table that sparks a new story. It is the little details, often missed as we go about our daily routines, that attract my attention the most.

Now that I have found myself with some extra time, I feel it would be a waste not to take full advantage of it and work with my creative side. While I am available for hire for graphic art or writing, the main focus is on my own projects outside of work.

2017 is all about exploring my creativity, pursuing further education, and seeing where it goes.