Musings About the Impending Move

I could either wait until after this move is finished to start updating the website, or I can just start writing about the move and go from there. I’m sure I’ll manage to add a few galleries over the next month, which will relate to the move and the many activities planned before we leave our Regina home.

I was more of a prolific writer in the past, but have slowed down over the last couple of years. Keeping a private journal is another story, it’s never been something that has stuck. I’m more the type to write notes when the mood strikes, with some on the back of receipts or envelopes, others on my phone, and a few make it into a number of coiled notebooks I have. While I can be organized in some ways, especially when it comes to work, my creative side can become a little more . . .  I’ll just say creative.

It’s not that life hasn’t been interesting. There has been constant change and plenty going on, so there is quite a bit to write about. Where to start is always the first question, though it’s only ever been a minor obstacle. The problem is more when I start writing, the intended brief entry turns into pages. I may not be overly talkative, but I can be rather wordy on paper. In fact, emails often have to be reviewed to see if I can streamline them. I’m not sure what happened, but somewhere along the line writing became easier than talking. There are some days I find it a chore to have to say something out loud, as if it’s an extra effort I would sooner not be bothered with, but I digress.

The Upcoming Move

With the impending move, I realize there will be many changes and adjustments. Our new home will not be ready right away, so we are going to be residing in our respective family’s homes over the winter until everything is finished in the spring. Thankfully, we’re only about 45 minutes away from each other, and work and free time will bring us back together on a regular basis.

It’s strange to feel like we will be in a kind of half limbo, as we will also be getting to work to figure out where we will all fit in the business long-term, our responsibilities, and how we will move forward in 2018. (Can you believe we are already over halfway there? Yikes!) I will also be seeing if I can take the first course or two of my degree, but this will depend on my workload and when certain courses for work will be taken. Juggling the classes will be fun, but I can already see where there must be caution to keep it all from becoming an overwhelming mess.

Returning to Personal Writing

It’s easy to see there will be much to write about, so putting pen to paper, or text to document, seems like a smart plan. Not only will I then have a written account to look back on, a review of these changes to keep the memory fresh, it will help to organize my thoughts. I admit the idea of a consistent journal kept in one medium in one place is probably going to be more helpful in the future; instead of a box filled with notes on the back of old envelopes. Whether I actually read it or not at a later time really doesn’t matter, the act of writing each day is helpful for maintaining and improving the skill for my future writing projects.

Packing Day One

Today is the first official day of preparing for the move. We purchased a few new boxes, as the last move saw the end to a number of older boxes that have endured many moves since my childhood. It’s amazing how well some of them held up over the years. There is the plan to downsize some more to reduce what has to be moved, which will mean fewer boxes will be needed. In the end, how much do two people really need? With extended family also having taken back some of their possessions after finding their permanent homes, along with deciding to let go of other items they no longer need or want, it’s been easier to cut down on how much will be coming with us right off the bat.

I suppose that should be enough for today’s entry. Time to get packing!

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