Time For A New Challenge?

A Career In The Making?

When I first graduated from my graphic design course, the main focus was to continue working with my own business. I had been working as a professional writer and photographer for over 10 years by then, and it was time to expand my services. Graphic design was the next logical area to start moving into, so I went back to school. A business has to continue to grow and adapt to current demands, and clients were requiring more assistance with digital arts all the time.

In the background, I have been working with another business as a contractor throughout its growth and development. I have always enjoyed the work. Even if it was in a small way, it felt good that I could be helpful to someone else who was working to build something of their own as well. They were my first client when I started freelancing in 2004, and I have been on the periphery of that business ever since. My involvement has increased over the last three years as that business continues to take its industry by storm.

Life Is Hinting At Something

This is one of those cases where life will nudge something toward you, but it may not register to your conscious mind that it’s something you should be taking more notice of. If life really wants you to do something and you ignore it, it will grow tired of your lack of attention to it. This is when life will either stop nudging whatever it is toward you, or grab it and throw it at you. In this case, life threw it at me.

Fast forward to now, and I have a few open doors. I’m peaking through and loving what I’m seeing. Now, I’ve had my fingers caught in slamming doors before, and it hurts like hell. (Thankfully, only figuratively). As a result, I may not always trust what I see and wonder where the real catches are. I’ve always been cautious, more the type to opt for calculated risk, so there tends to be a bit of careful contemplation before making a decision.

I search for more cons, but they are greatly outweighed by the pros. I’ve given myself extra time to ensure I’m looking at it clearly, and from all angles. Then, there is the bottom line: Is this what I want to do? In an indirect way, it flows through my veins. I’ve been contemplating similar professions, but this may be the one I’ve been looking for.

A New Career?

I’ve already been learning about the industry through my contract work, especially over the last year and a half with the extra research and writing I have been doing for that business. I’m catching myself actively considering situations I see and read about in everyday life, and applying my knowledge to it. If I choose this career, it would not only afford me the opportunity to return to school to get into this industry as a qualified professional, it would offer me the chance to pursue my other degree in my free time. Then, there is the fact that we would be able to settle in one place. We have moved 14 times in the last 13 years. The final plus? We would be home again, and close to family. We could celebrate the holidays together and visit more often. Sure, there would be some sacrifices and it’s going to be hard work, but I can only see it being completely worth it. It’s an enticing challenge, one I’m confident I would succeed at.

I have been a little torn, more for personal reasons, but, after reading through what I have just written, the direction I’m leaning towards is clear.  There is a growing need to expand, to go beyond my current circle of comfort. Considering the internal conflicts I’ve been working through over the last three years, this would solve most of them. I’m a fish that’s outgrown her bowl, and believe it would be a big mistake not to grab this opportunity.

What About My Current Work?

I would continue to offer my services, but it would shift from full-time to part-time. Writing stories is an activity I’ve enjoyed since my mother first taught me how to hold a pencil and spell my name. I plan on publishing more work in the near future. (My other degree has much to do with this.) I love wildlife and landscape photography. Photography is a skill that previous work has allowed me to develop, and I plan on continuing with it. I’m still paying for my graphic design diploma, and I enjoy working on graphic art projects. I will always be happy to offer assistance in these areas, and will continue to work on them in my free time.

The bonus is that all my previous work experience, skills, and knowledge will continue to be a benefit to that business and new career, so it’s not like I would lose practice.

I’m At A Crossroads

I hesitate to state what I will do at this point. With plenty of time to consider this further, another month at least, I’m going to take full advantage of it. This decision would mean immediate changes, and a very different future to my original ideals. It’s an adventure I am cautiously considering. When I reach a decision, I’ll be sure to write about it.


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