We Are Moving

Life has a funny way of surprising us with a turn of events that we prefer to see as a positive change, just before becoming a welcoming opportunity that you have to jump for.

Big Move

With our landlord returning home due to a change within her career, we found ourselves looking for a new residence to rent while we focus on our work and education for the next year. Business, however, appears to have different idea. We are now not only looking for a new residence, but a larger place to accommodate a fully functioning office where we can offer support to clients full-time.

As business grows and we prepare to combine individual workspaces into a shared area, it is clear there is a need to be creative and efficient in how we use our space. Everyone will need a comfortable spot to work in without feeling confined, while ensuring we can also include all the necessary equipment. Depending on the place we choose, everything will either fit into one or two areas. While having everything within one large room would be handy, it’s likely we will need to have the main office in one area and the research and development space in the other.

So Many Changes, So Little Time

As we discussed the upcoming move and outlined everything we would need to consider to make this work, the list continued to grow with each passing minute. To say there is a mountain of work ahead of us is a understatement. Not only do we have to push on our education and get our office set up and fully functional by the earlier deadline, we have programs to finish developing, new systems to put together, test, and have ready to go, and older files to review, update, and enter into a new filing system.

Fear? Excitement?

There is so much to do, but we have always met our challenges with success in the end. This is something we want to do, and the simple fact is we have to be ready by a deadline that has moved up. There is no time to sit around and be anxious about the crazy amount of work and effort that will go into this over the next few months. We either do this, or we don’t. Obviously, we’re doing it and couldn’t be more thrilled about it!

That being said, I cannot deny the stress everyone is feeling will significantly drop when the move is over. This is why we are pushing to find the right place available by April 1. Having a place to work without the worry of moving offices around our current work, while still being there for our clients, will make a huge difference.

Excitement is definitely winning out over any anxieties and stress about the upcoming changes. The fact that everything is happening about a year in advance is seen as a bonus we’re all cheering for. It’s only good news when business starts to grow faster than expected. We’re still a little cautious, as always, but very optimistic about these positive developments.


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