My First Dog Race

Wiener Dog Races, by Layla Baird

If you take the time to look, there is almost always something interesting going on. The search was rewarded last week when I saw an event posted for a Wiener Dog Race going at the Weyburn City Centre Mall. (I should thank Craig as it was he who had seen it and marked “interested”, resulting in the event showing up in my Facebook feed.)

With a love for dogs, especially the little ones, I had to go. I also thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get back into my photography, since I’ve had to shelve my camera for a while. I dusted off my gear, found some money to donate to the Prairie Sky Dog Rescue, and headed out.

Some of the contestants were focused on the prize, others were more interested in socializing with both old and new acquaintances. It was, without a doubt, a great outing for many of the pups who took part, and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to get out there and watch the fun.

I’ve also included the link to the video recorded by Craig Baird, who runs Canadian History Ehx.


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