Overcoming Writer’s Block

Warning: You May Be Sabotaging Yourself, by Layla Baird

We have all been there; you want to write a story, but you don’t know what to write about. Is this the result of writer’s block?

I think we cause our own writer’s block, mostly through the lack of confidence in our own ideas. As you start to put pen to paper, or start typing, thoughts of doubt rush into your mind. Maybe you start to think your ideas are not good enough, or your story is weak, or you will not get published anyways. While some critical thought of our work can be good, as it will prompt us to continue improving it, too much can stop you before you even get started

Write a sentence, and then another

I have been there, so I know how aggravating it can be to look at a blank screen and not know what to type. At first, I thought the inability to put anything down was due to a lack of ideas, but realized this is not the case when I think about all the notebooks I have filled with ideas.

My writer’s block was due to the lack of confidence in my ideas. I was dismissing words I should have been recording before any of them had the chance to develop into something more, because of doubt. This is when I questioned whether the doubt, whatever the reason for it, was legitimate enough for me to not give the story an honest shot; the answer was no.

Don’t Think The Worst

Who cares whether someone will like it? Who cares if it is good enough to get published? You don’t even have the story written, yet, so how can you even contemplate its value? The biggest part of the battle is to write the story; to finish it. At this point, you should only be concerned about writing the story.

Writing Prompts

If you still can’t seem to get those first words down, writing prompts can help you get started. Keep in mind that even if you don’t like the prompt, maybe the name of the character isn’t right, just go with it for now. Remember that you can always make changes at a later time.

Some helpful writing prompts to help get you started include:

I Would Like To Hear From You

How do you fight through your writer’s block? What suggestions or advice to you have for others suffering writer’s block?

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