Breaking News: You Have Competition

Let the Competition Begin by Layla Baird

Okay, maybe that’s not news, and it shouldn’t be. Of course you have competition!

Life is competition, regardless of which path you take. Right now, it can feel like everyone wants to be a graphic designer, or a writer, or a social media expert, or a marketing guru; self-employment is the dream. Unfortunately for those who think it’s an easy gravy train, it’s not, which helps to cut away some of your competition as they give up after reality slaps them on the face. Fortunately for those who realize it will take some real serious effort, and are committed to doing their best to make it work, there is a chance to see some real success.



Nothing in life is guaranteed, and what’s worth getting is not going to come easily.

How To Be Competitive

Run some searches online, and you will be bombarded by pages of links to articles written by people who claim to have the golden answer to beating out the competition. While there is some great advice to be found online, there is also quite a bit of fluff that contains no real value. It will not be long before you’re left wondering, “What really works?”

The fact is, what will work for you depends on a number of variables, including what kind of business you are running, which services or products you are offering, who your competition is, who your customers are, and more. If there is a true method out there that fits all situations, I have not seen it, yet, and I would remain skeptical if I came across anything that claimed to be a “one solution fits all”.

Get Started and Experiment

Developing a strategic social media plan that works best for you will take some trial and error. This is not to say that looking into what other people have done wouldn’t be helpful, but you should keep in mind that what works for them might not necessarily work for you. If you are going to do a little research, which you should, try to look up businesses or professionals who are doing similar work. You can then take what appears to work for them and give it a shot. As you work with your social media, you can adjust it to better suit your specific needs.

A Few Words of Advice

Don’t go crazy and sign up on a bunch of social media platforms all at once. Pick two or three that you believe would best work for advertising your business and work with those while you test out different strategies. Keep what works and get rid of what doesn’t, and then replace what doesn’t work with something new that might.

I Would Like To Hear From You

Which social media platforms work best for you? What advice do you have for individuals and businesses building their social media presence?

(NOTE: Please keep comments respectful. Comments deemed abusive or spam will not be published. This is a place for those who can conduct themselves in a professional, mature manner. Thank you.)


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