Graphic Designers and Their Specialties

Development of Ideas into Visual Communication by Layla Baird

What Exactly Is A Graphic Designer?

Graphic design is the art of conveying a message or information through the combination of images and words.

While most people refer to those they hire for the above purpose as graphic designers, they will sometimes refer to the same professionals as graphic artists. Some would argue that graphic design is more about getting a message across, while a graphic artist is focused on creating a piece that evokes an emotional response from their audience.

The divisions within the field of Graphic Design does not end with the distinction between designer and artist. Divisions continue as you start researching the job requirements of graphic designers who work in different industries, such as advertising, web design, news, and more.

The term graphic designer is broad, and is not all someone should be looking for when seeking the professional they need. What many businesses or individuals should be seeking is a graphic design professional who specializes in the area their project is focused in.

Are Graphic Designers All The Same?

What is not fully understood by many non-designers is that graphic design is a whole industry that includes multiple areas of study and expertise.

For instance, one designer may specialize in website design, while another down the street is focused in advertising. Website design and advertising may have some crossover when it comes to the use of colour theory, etc., but each is going to require a different kind of consideration and problem-solving.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate this is to have a look at the List of Job Titles on the Government of Canada Website. When looking through the list, consider what each job is likely to require of the person who holds the position and you will begin to see the differences between the needs of each job. The fact is, there are many different types of graphic designers, each with varying strengths, skills, and knowledge that are better suited for more specific areas within the graphic design industry.

I Would Like To Hear From You

Are you a graphic designer? If so, what would you say your specialty is and how did you decide to focus on that?

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